Collection: Raw + Activated Nutrition Bars

Delicious. Slow Release Energy.

These raw bars have an exceptional nutrient profile. They have been crafted with activated nuts and sprouted flaxseeds and are rich in live enzymes. Activated nuts and seeds are significantly more nutritious than their raw counterparts.
 We soak all our nuts and seeds for 12-18 hours. This helps break down the enzyme inhibitors, lectins and phytates present in their unactivated form enhancing their nutrient bioavailability, digestibility and anti-inflammatory properties. We then dehydrate them at temperatures under 40°C. This preserves the integrity of their digestive and metabolic enzymes so that our products can remain ‘Living’.

By eating raw foods, we add enzymes to our diet which reduces stress on our digestive organs by making up for the lack of enzymes in the cooked food we consume. This leads to long term health and longevity.

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