Collection: Raw Vegan Jerky

Tangy. Fruity. Spicy.

A uniquely effective and irresistible pick-me-up snack. Add a zing to your day! Made of purely raw fruits and spices, they are packed with live enzymes.

An ‘enzyme’ is said to be a protein molecule behaving as a carrier of specific enzyme activity. Since 1968, scientists have identified about 1,300 enzymes involved in every process of the body. Each enzyme has a specific job such as digesting the food we eat, building protein in bones and skin and aiding detoxification. To digest cooked food, we use the body’s enzyme reserves. According to some studies we have a finite store of enzymes that deplete as we age. By eating raw foods, we add enzymes to our diet which reduces stress on our digestive organs by making up for the lack of enzymes in the cooked food we consume. This leads to long term health and longevity.

Enzymes denature in water at temperatures between 48℃ - 65℃ losing their life force action one our organs. For our products to stay raw and retain ‘live’ enzymes, we dehydrate them at temperatures below 41℃/105F. 

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