"With Tulā Code, I want to inspire and empower you to live a longer, healthier, and more beautiful life. My passion is to share the importance of optimal nutrition and help you integrate it into your daily routine, so you can enjoy vibrant health and well-being every day."


My journey to founding Tulā Code began with a quest for better health as I sought to overcome my own health challenges. This led to a deep dive into nutrition which proved to be absolutely transformative, revealing the profound impact nutrients and lifestyle choices have on our health at the cellular level and our overall well-being. It instilled in me a profound respect for the human body and a deep fascination with its mysteries. It also reconnected me with my Indian heritage and instilled a deep respect for global cultures known for their amazing traditions and longevity lifestyles.

With Tulā Code, my heartfelt hope is to help you harness the power of common foods, appreciate the significant role nutrition plays in your life, and share my passion for increasing healthspan, aging healthily, and beautifully.

The idea of tasty,functional snacking is central to this mission. In our busy lives,
where meals and snacks often blur together, we need options that are not only convenient but also nutritious and satisfying. This trend, called 'snackification', promotes mindful eating.

For any recipe I create, the aim is twofold: it must taste and look delicious while providing scientifically-backed health benefits. Our snacks embody this philosophy, combining indulgent flavours with clean, natural, nutrient-dense ingredients. These qualities have been recognised by industry professionals in the multiple awards our products have won.

Nutrition is just one of the five pillars of optimal health, alongside exercise, sleep,emotional health, and purpose. As Tulā Code grows, my goal is to bring you the best knowledge from around the world on all these aspects of health, fully delivering on the Tulā promise and helping you rethink aging and disease.