‘Tulā’, the Sanskrit term for balance, is at the core of optimal health.

We developed the Tulā Code by merging wisdom from Ayurveda, TCM, ancestral traditions from around the world and scientific insights that guide us towards a balanced whole-body approach to health. Our products, grounded in this code, are crafted to support a lifestyle for healthy longevity.

Our Adaptogenic Barks

Our Whole Body Health Philosophy...

Our barks are crafted with carefully chosen ingredients, ensuring they are naturally abundant in essential micronutrients, phytonutrients, and bioactive compounds that contribute towards whole body health.

  • Contribute to Healthy Brain and Psychological & Cognitive Function

  • Contribute to Maintenance of Healthy Bones

  • Contribute to Maintenance of Healthy Hair, Nails & Skin

  • Contributes towards Healthy Gut, Microbiome & Stronger Immune Function

  • Contributes towards Boosting Energy & Reduction of Tiredness & Fatigue

  • Protect the Cells Against Oxidative Stress

Feedback Spotlight

Taste so good !! Love them.

Dan Roberts - @teamdanroberts : Personal Trainer to celebrities, public speaker, writer

They were AMAZING! I ate them all within 24 hours!!

Jennifer Earle -@jennifer.earle: Grand Juror for the Academy of Chocolate Awards, Innovation Consultant, T.V. personality

The products are truly stunning on every level. The complete perfect balance of flavours – nutty, sweet but not too sweet, fruity, lovely cacoa, really fresh and moist and not dry like so many similar product. I think the flavour is totally spot on! I completely love it.

Rachel de Thample- @dethample : Award-winning author, freelance food writer, cookery tutor

The products arrived quickly, and I managed to eat one per day, but this took a lot of self-control – I would have happily eaten them all at once!!!

Anna Hartley : Senior Asset Manager & Equity analyst, a true believer of clean eating

The bars were all delicious, was a nice snack to have while on the go. I'll be sure to recommend people. Best of luck!

Kaila Wyatt Harper - @kbeewyatt : Top model